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Prosecco hills

The vineyards from which we obtain the quality of our wines are those on the hills of Conegliano, in the foothills of the eastern ridge that that follows the course of the Piave river, along the “Strada del Prosecco” that leads to the small town of Valdobbiadene.
This territory of the “Marca gioiosa et amorosa” (Joyful and lovely Marquisate), marked by steep hills, is historically dedicated to the production of high quality wines.

The viticulture and enology have designed the landscape and tradition of this hilly area, among the most fascinating of Italy, treasure casket of historical and artistic as well as naturalistic-environmental treasures.
It is no coincidence that the nobles of the Serenissima Republic have favored these hills for their holidays on the mainland, since they are lying only fifty kilometers from the Venice lagoon, and due to this habit they gave Conegliano the nickname of “St. Mark’s Cellar”.
The wine culture in this area has considerably gained prestige with the foundation, in 1876, of the Conegliano viticulture and oenology school which has been the first in Italy.

Currently the flagship of its success is the famous Prosecco wine, that gained the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Doc) in 1969 as a recognition of quality.

Here, the love for wine is served excellently between the green hills, adorned by scenic vineyards, where wine tasting routes lead to castles, ancient villages, mansions and churches that celebrate the pleasantness and the historic heritage of this area.
In this charming and renowned terroir, the true passion for wines has been able to recreate a true Italian style of drinking, informal and cheerful and at the same time elegant and refined.

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