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About us

We are a young and dynamic winery in an ancient territory and our goal is to combine the best of the two things in respect of the enologic tradition of the area. Our wines are the result of definite choices aimed at continuous improvement of quality with a particular focus on Prosecco. Challenging ourselves is our everyday mission and the world of wine offers many opportunities to give different interpretations to the territory to be proposed to an attentive market. The decision to offer an instantly recognizable packaging profile, comes from the need to make people understand that our project is alternative and innovative. Our efforts are aimed for a continuous improvement of the product range and service offered to our Italian and foreign customers.

Why “19Dibabo”?

19DIBABO is the content of natural sugar in the grape juice, the determination of the alcohol content after fermentation is usually measured in Babo proofs, where one Babo proof corresponds to ten grams of sugar in a thousand grams of unfermented must, corresponding with an alcohol content of about 12% volume compared to a liter of wine.
The Wine hydrometer Von Babo tool is the most used and reliable instrument for measuring the sugar content of the must. Babo system is the result of a process developed by August Wilhelm von Babo, an Austrian wine producer, who, in 1860, became the first director of Klosterneuburg Viticulture school, which then turns into the Imperial and Royal wine-pomological Institute. Von Babo had a very important role in the technical progress as well as in the research and promotion of viticulture and enology during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

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